One of the most amazing thing that technology has achieved is the ability to compress gigantic broadcasting equipment into smaller gadgets. With Apostolos Radio, we have impressive listeners statistics with no geographical restriction.

Have you been thinking of how to gain virtual visibility after recording your song ?
Have you heard a song gained popularity and wondered how it happened ?
Are you tired of having just you, family and friends as your fans without a broadened fan base?
Content they say is fire, the internet is a match and media is gasoline


  • Your song will be uploaded on our playlist in the station library portal.
  • Your song will be accessible by all of our station presenters. This implies your song been used by our radio station presenters in any of our  station programmes.
  • There are no geographical restrictions; your song can reach a global audience.
  • We can create an exclusive radio page for your song as an artist inside our station site. E.g franklin
  • We help artist to create a free lyrics video of songs at no extra cost. This video comes with a link that can be uploaded on you tube for further promotions by the artist.


Why groping in obscurity when you can gain visibility. Bring your song on our radio portal today and gain tremendous online traffic.



Other Things We Can Do (Apostolos hub)

Radio Programme Sponsorship | Live Outdoor Transmission | Public Paid Announcement | Music Production | Video Production | Voice Over | Event Photography | Album Jacket (Front, Back & CD) | C.A.C Registration | Lyrics Video | Website Design & More..

Reach out to us today!

For procedures on how to get your song on Apostolos Radio, kindly contact us through any of the means below.

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