You need your Environment and your Environment Needs you! Do You Know? How does tour daily choices affects your Environment and Community? Can the Environment Die? If yes what’s my Profit and Loss? Answers to these questions and more is in  “THE ENVIRNOMENT & YOU” This radio programme is anchored by Jumoke Olowookere. Jumoke Olowookere […]


 Xpression is a program designed to ignite your passion, motivate your dream and help express your talent. It is a program that places importance on self identity. Xpression is a Music induced program with its core focus on Music although other talents will be reviewed. Creating a beautiful and solitudinous moment to look back at […]


GOSPEL TREND is a weekly programme, reporting Christian news, events and happenings around the world.


UNCENSORED is a live radio reality talk show. Topic ranges from Love matters, Sex, Finances and other thought provoking discussions. This programme is anchored by one and only COACH JACKSON. Tune in on Saturdays @ 9pm-11PM WAT. It is RAW & UNCONVETIONAL! Listeners discretion is advised.


The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. Gospocentric vibes radio programme seeks to bring to the listners all genre of gospel music. Meet Adegbenro Tokunboh has he takes you into this journey of wide range of both local and indigenous gospel vibes.  


THE EXQUISITO SHOW  is a 60minutes personality interview programme that features successful people in various fields who have largely achieved against the odds. It encompasses inspirational interviews and business talks hosted by an inquisitive, probing and controversial host, ADEOLA LAYADE.


DIMENSIONS is a 60-minute program that focuses on immersing believers and seekers (within the 16-35 age bracket) with spoken word, aesthetics and other content that unbundles their raw creativity as they explore the Creator and His Creation. What makes the content and concepts of ‘Dimensions’ peak among already-existing and similar programs include; – Aesthetics: Dimensions […]

Faith In Touch With Reality

Faith in touch with reality with Shalom is a talk show that invites popular and experienced personalities from all walks of life to provide insights into Ministry, health, music, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. It is a life-changing program aimed at encouraging people’s faith in Christ in different aspects of their lives.  Faith in touch with reality […]