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The programme takes us into the heart of the move of God in pasts, and those of the present. It unravels the personalities and groups at the epicenter of the great Revivals of the Faith all over the world.
In spirit of this prophetic season, a major objective of the programme is to inspire and impart the radio audience with passion for personal and corporate revival.
God who moved in the past, in response to the hunger of men, is still same today.
 Hopefully a fresh hunger for Jesus will be birthed in you as you follow the programme  between 9-10pm every Saturday.
Bibo Joseph (fondly called Bibo-Indomible) is the programme host. He is a teacher of God’s word, a youth pastor, mission mobiliser, and vision President/co-ordinator of MissionConnect- a thriving mission ministry in the riverine communities of the Niger Delta. Also, he is an academic historian in training from the University of Ibadan, and a prolific writer on the social media space. His most priced quality is his love for God and people in every place.


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