Gospel Cruise with SeunPaul

Gospel Cruise with SeunPaul

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About Abolude, Paul Oluwaseun

​​​​​​​Abolude Paul Oluwaseun popularly called SEUNPAUL, Husband, Father, Musician is a change and transformation advocate, entertainment entrepreneur, psalmist and dedicated child of God who has served in the music units of some churches and fellowships as Music Director and will continue to serve in God’s vineyard.

He has presided over a music ministry that is committed to raising God-fearing worshipers in every sphere of life. He has been running series of praise worship concerts with the vision of establishing dedicated and godly praise and worship singers in lifting the heart and plans of God for our generation as we aid our relationship with Yahweh (translated as LORD).

Having had series of experience in the music industry for over 10years, he thus decided to organizing musical concerts, (Pictures are on www.seunpaulmusic.blogspot.com) which he had done successfully, apart from different invitations he as well-received to minister as a gospel musician. He still organizes concerts and honours invitations.​​​​​​​

He has six singles to his credit to the glory of God… Hallelujah, Nigeria Adara, Baba Oloore ft. Dr. Abiodun Ajani, Kilojasi ft. Goke Bajowa, Be Magnified and Ema Se Beru Ft Richard Ologbonyo.

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  1. Nice concept dear. Keep it up,the sky is your starting point. I’m so proud of you.

  2. Happy to see today , Thank God for the creation of apostollos radio . Happy Easter to my family both home & abroad. HAPPY EASTER TO MY GREAT FAMILY .ALONGE’S & ABOLUDE’S

  3. May the power of HIS resurrection bring back to life every good thing that is dead in our lives in Jesus majestic name

    Jesus is Alive Forever!!!!

    Happy Easter brethren

  4. Jesus indeed is the reason for the season. Welldone bro…Happy Easter to you.. We love you n we enjoy your programme

  5. Lovely presentation. Very informative.
    Kudos to Oluchi.
    More power to her elbow.
    Well done Sir.
    More grace and anointing in Jesus name

  6. We shall live to deliver that which God has commissioned. Amen. I felt that track. Ise t’Olugbala ran mi, a je ye ni w’onje.

  7. Happy last Sunday of the month
    May we live to see the end of the year in peace and God’s blessings

    1. Thank you for choosing worship today my heart has been in the mood of worship since morning

  8. Thank you for choosing worship today my heart has been in the mood of worship since morning

  9. Keep it up @Seyifunmisax….May you continue to soar higher
    🎶Narekele mo🎶

  10. Mr. Seyi aka Kenny G , keep it up bro .
    Your tone on the saxophone dey always give me vibes.

  11. This is Damilola Emmanuel from Sango, ibaban.
    Woow 😲…
    This is a Mind-blowing praise session with you Seyi…
    I love 💕 it!.

    Greater heights friend.

  12. Weldone sir… It’s Raphael from Grace house saying a big shout out to you over there… GLORY! ride on pastor!

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