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Jesus said, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you-Matthew 6: 33”. Whether you believe it or not, this is the word of God, and it is true! Singles men and women who are yet to be married should take cognizance of these words and know that the life of a single is a very delicate life just like that of a teenager. A teenager wants to do what an adult does but unwilling to go through the stages &growth necessary to become an adult. That’s why they have so many struggles in life.
This is exactly what a single’s life looks like. It’s a journey that so many people fear to tread, and some who tread it courageously do so with cautions. In spite of the cautions, the devil still prowls around singles and pushing them into serious errors. The journey becomes unpleasant especially when you have to walk it all alone by yourself; but with God on your side, you can walk it with patient and successfully too because God will walk with you, through it, every step of the way and take you to the very end of it. Sometimes the journey feels lonely, rough, rugged, cloudy, stinking, tiring and the road is rough. 
 However, the further you go with Jesus the clearer the road becomes; the further you go with Jesus the smoother and less tiring the journey becomes; the further you go with Jesus the more the stinkingness disappears and the time of refreshing sets in from the Lord; the further you go with Jesus the more it becomes clearer to you why you’re single; the further you go with Jesus, the more your desire for Him increases more than that of marriage & your purpose in life becomes paramount. I admonish you to desire God more than the best thing you will ever desire in your life time. He will make it happen for you not in your time, but in His own time. It is He who has made everything beautiful in its time-Ecclesiastes 3: 11.

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