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The Health journalism programe is aimed at the very dissemination of health news, medical research and health policies. The influence of media on public beliefs is so huge that sometimes people adopt a new treatment due to the latest health news they learn about through media. Moreover, media highly affects decisions of doctors, policy makers and health professionals.

In this 60mins radio programme, inaccuracies and speculations in news coverage between the scientific community and the general public would be addressed. This programme is supported in the area of delegation of resourceful medical personnel by The Management, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.

11 Responses

  1. Thank you very much ma.

    For persons who have been previously infected and recovered, can you say they have some level of immunity?
    what’s your advice to them with regard to taking the vaccine?

  2. Thank you very much ma. This is very educative. My question is , I still see people being worried about the effects of the vaccine. Some fall very sick. Is there a way we can educate people more so as to allay fears about the vaccine

  3. Can one take a first dose of Pfizer and then a second dose Astra Zeneca vaccine.. May be based on change in location or preference based on available efficacy data

  4. Thank you Dr Fowotade for such an insightful program.
    Please ma, is there any long term effect as receiving this Covid-19 vaccine. Thank you ma

  5. Well done Dr obajimi. May I ask what is the success rate of artificial insemination…between ratio 1-10

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