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LIFE MATTERS is an exciting and daring  radio show that discusses captivating topics on all matters of the heart, featuring special guests, real life stories, experts plus much more.


JACKSON OYIBU, as the show host is to create platform of interactive engagement whether you are single, married or divorced.

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  1. If u can create live chat room so that we can be asking questions and live line to call

      1. It’s the eve of VAL’S DAY.

        I wish you and the family boundless love.

        LOVE is RESPONSIBILITY. The responsibility that follows after February 14th, 2022 should be our focus.

        No responsibility, no love.

  2. My oga , I salute and celebrate u, thanks for listening, always feel free to tell me where you think I went wrong and where you think I can do better

  3. It’s dependent on the nature of offense and the perspective of the person receiving the apology. It’s not sufficient to atone for the situation at times.

  4. Good evening and thank you!

    It takes self-discipline to apologize even when you are right.

    We appreciate you, always.

  5. Honestly I will show you and give you a taste of your own stew by the 7th time.

  6. My day has been great.

    I thank God for everything.

    I learned about “OVERCOMING THE STORMS OF LIFE” today.

    I look forward to an amazing time.

    1. Yes ooooooo!

      Good evening and thank you for those words of wisdom.

      We are here and learning a lot so as to become wiser, smarter, and better.

  7. Thank you Barrister!

    The challenge with not seeing the opportunity for SELF-IMPROVEMENT as the largest room in the world, is being a RIGID person.

    Some persons have resolved to REMAIN THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, and FOREVER.

    Choosing to be FLEXIBLE TO LEARN, UNLEARN, RELEARN and BECOME BETTER is a big plus for those who desire the good life.

    1. There has always been the place of communication with God, and there has always been the place of work. The bible is full of principles, it is the glory of God to conceal these facts and the honour of kings to search it out.

      1. U spoke well my brother. But I think prayer is a communication and rapour with God just as we gist with ourselves but why have they turned prayer to another thing

  8. Thank God I can hear this today. Can’t log in all this while. Keep it big brother

  9. Good evening coach, I agree with what Mr. Taiwo said, what the Lord said in the Bible is He is going to bless d work of your hands not the prayer from your mouth. And yourba adage said the pikin wet raise hand na him parents go carry If you dont hustle what’s God going to bless?

  10. Am not expecting much from my husband. Typically…Africa men seems not to be romantic

  11. Welldone coach. This my first time tuning in. I tried calling but network issues. My name is kemi from Lagos. Everyday should be val. And my husband is quite trying..but his busy schedule doesn’t even make him remember what 14th February is. I had to be reminding him in our 4 years of marriage. But have stopped doing that. I just hang out with my female friends tomorrow

  12. Make women dey try take men out too, no be only man suppose to dey spend for woman.

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